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Dungeon Punks is that all bard real-play D&D comedy podcast. Tune in for dungeons, dragons, silly jokes, and a few songs from some bands we like!

There’s a new episode every second Wednesday!

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Episode 53: The Wrong Way Inn - Part 8

Rust Monster discovers the joys of texting and sneaks backstage to crash the MC Danger show. Plus, Skadi puts a mind witness in a sticky situation.

Featured Music: Alice Hong Is The Most Regular Member of Dead End Drive-In’s Guestlist (Wild Guess) by Russian Tim and Pavel Bures and Detritus From A Past Life by Dead End Drive-In.

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Episode 41: Guerre de Lune - Part 5

RUST MONSTER brings anarchy to the moon! Along the way they meet some Moon Men who they DEFINITELY won't forget about and encounter their most danger enemy yet: the dreaded ladder! Will they destroy Lord Ledd's castle? If they don't, someone will!

And don't forget: all proceeds from this episode and purchases from Brent's Butt Rockets will go to support Space Babies.

Featured Music: Manchild by Landmark 20 and Tomorrow May Never Come by The Creepshow

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